I've downloaded the new Photos.app and migrated my iPhoto Library and now all my full screen images are replaced by a grey exclamation mark.

This is being logged in the console :

14/04/2015 22:48:04,002 Photos[1373]: Unsupported item: IMG_0694.JPG of type 0`
14/04/2015 22:48:04,029 Photos[1373]: Unknown version type: RDVersion(0x600003530860) modelId=23946 uuid=134LStKnROWcZ51vzo+yGg
tableName=RKVersion state=persisted,readonly,local, IMG_0694.JPG 0

Does someone as any idea how to fix this ?

If I explore the package of my Library the Masters folder contains all my files.

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Since Photos is so new, it may be tricky to find solutions to issues. However, applying iPhoto type fixes may help.

Before beginning and repair, make sure you have a backup of your entire Photos/iPhoto library.

  1. You can try closing Photos, then open Photos while pressing Command and Option. This brings up a window for repairing issues. Select the Repair option to start rebuilding the library. These instructions can also be found HERE on Apple's website.

  2. Unfortunately, the wonderful app, iPhoto Library Manager doesn't support Photos.app, but they are creating a new app that does, call PowerPhotos! Hopefully it'll be released soon. Until then, we must rely on Apples built in repair functions.

  • Thanks, I already tried to repair the library without success, I guess I'll have to wait for PowerPhotos then Apr 15, 2015 at 23:02

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