I have 75gb of storage used in iMovie but there are no files showing up there, How do I find these files?

  • Where is "in there"? What is telling you there is 75GB of space used?
    – tubedogg
    Apr 14 '15 at 3:21
  • The computer crashed when working on a video project and the file icons disappeared. I had a couple of smaller projects that were still there so I finished those and deleted all the related files hoping that the ones I was missing would show up. When nothing came through and the iMovie library icon still showed content i was confident that the files must still be there but there addresses were disconnected or deleted. Hope how I explained it makes sense - it's not the usual problem with just misplaced video files. Apr 14 '15 at 15:12

If there is a "rubbish bin" like in iPhoto, you've got to get the bin empty to make actual room.


Right click the iMove Library file > Show Package Contents.

Be aware that you're not really supposed to play around in there, you're supposed to let iMovie handle it.

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