I have expanded my iCloud drive storage to 200GB. Right now, I have 170GB free. I want to offload some large folders from my ailing laptop to iCloud. When I try to do that, I'm told there is not enough space. The folder I want to move is about 30GB.

This is on 10.10.3

Is there anything I need to set to be able to use this extra space. Thanks for any tips.

  • How exactly are you moving the data? Are the folders already on the laptop on which you have iCloud enabled or are you trying to copy them over from somewhere (external drive, different laptop, ...)? Then it might be your Mac that doesn't have enough local space for the local copy. May 6 at 10:08

This doesn't answer the question, but moving gigabytes of data to any cloud service (and back) is going to take a while. An external drive will be much faster, and you can re-use it for the backup you don't have.

  • I expect your right. This was a one time shot. I want to give the computer to my daughter as a birthday present -- so she can pass it on to her boyfriend and reclaim her own machine ;) I'll ask them if they have a drive. Tangentially, why am I paying for more iCloud space if there is limited utility, and while I will of course mod you up, I'd still like to get an answer to my question. Thank though.
    – ICL1901
    Apr 13 '15 at 14:53

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