I have expanded my iCloud drive storage to 200GB. Right now, I have 170GB free. I want to offload some large folders from my ailing laptop to iCloud. When I try to do that, I'm told there is not enough space. The folder I want to move is about 30GB.

This is on 10.10.3

Is there anything I need to set to be able to use this extra space. Thanks for any tips.

  • I missed the date completely! lol... I usually check the number of views to get a clue! But this question didn't have that many views! Thanks for the catch!! – jmh Aug 9 at 2:01

This doesn't answer the question, but moving gigabytes of data to any cloud service (and back) is going to take a while. An external drive will be much faster, and you can re-use it for the backup you don't have.

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  • I expect your right. This was a one time shot. I want to give the computer to my daughter as a birthday present -- so she can pass it on to her boyfriend and reclaim her own machine ;) I'll ask them if they have a drive. Tangentially, why am I paying for more iCloud space if there is limited utility, and while I will of course mod you up, I'd still like to get an answer to my question. Thank though. – ICT1901 Apr 13 '15 at 14:53

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