I am trying to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Develop > User Agent > Safari iOS 8.1 - iPhone menu item of Safari web browser. But in the System Preferences > Keyboard > App Shortcuts, when I enter Safari iOS 8.1 - iPhone, the keyboard shortcut does not work.

I suppose that hyphen [-] like character that appears in the user agent menu is some other character. Can somebody tell what character is that so that I can the keyboard shortcut working.

enter image description here

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That looks like an n-dash to me, rather than a hyphen

Hyphen -

N-dash —

typing 2 hyphens will change to an n-dash in regular text areas, if you have Smart dashes enabled in Edit > Substitutions, otherwise you could try copy/pasting this one...

Safari iOS 8.1 — iPad


Newer versions of Safari use the em-dash instead of n-dash.


Safari — iOS 9.3 — iPhone

You can find it under the punctuation section of the Character Picker.

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