Is it possible to make a Windows 8.1 VM running on Parallels think it has two monitors but in reality these monitors are just two separate "desktops" as far as OSX is concerned running on a single real monitor?

  • Please let me know if this is unclear - I've only been using a Mac for 4 days! – dav_i Apr 10 '15 at 10:08

I don't think so - even in Coherence mode, which would allow you to place different Windows apps on different spaces, they have a tendency to overlap each other, depending on which was actually last in front.

I think you might have to try using Sysinternals (Microsoft) own Desktops v2 tool - which I haven't tested in Parallels - but this guide may help - Unlock Virtual Desktops on Windows 7 or 8 With This Microsoft Tool

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