I want to create a bash alias on OS X, because I need to type on a really large command.

I've found some answers about the same issue on ubuntu, like this one, but they mention the ~/.bashrc file, which doesn't exist (at least by default) on OS X.


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I've found that I can do this by editing the .bash_profile file.

Just added:

alias my_alias='cd /my/really/long/long/path

to .bash_profile, and after reopening bash my alias command worked just fine.

  • Alternatively, run source ~/.bash_profile in the same terminal window to apply the changes without having to close the window.
    – anaik
    Mar 1, 2019 at 20:26
  1. nano ~/.bash_profile
  2. alias my_alias= 'ssh username@xxxx.xxx.xx.x'
  3. ctrl + x , then press y and enter to save.
  4. Don't forget to reload the file with:

    source ~/.bash_profileor . ~/.bash_profile

  5. Then test the alias.

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