I am looking for an app that works on the Mac as well as on the iPad.

At work we have daily tasks that do not occur on a set schedule (aka they are on an as needed basis).

This app would allow us to create checklists for these tasks (think pre-flight checklist for airline pilots) that would be "resettable" and reusable.

Any thoughts?

  • There's quite a few cross-plattform Todo apps. OmniFocus seems to be the most feature-rich currently (this might be subjective) Apr 6 '15 at 22:13

There's a ton of different ToDo list apps out there. Personally I have used OmniFocus and ToDoIst.


  • (subjectively) the nicest interface
  • sync between platforms with the free OmniSync Service
  • "Apple" (iOS and OSX) only; not on Windows or Linux; no web interface
  • not cheap

  • available for all kinds of platforms, including a web interface
  • free version to get started; premium version with add. features
  • "template" feature might help you implement and re-use your checklists
  • tasks can be shared between / assigned to ToDoIst users

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