Typically on OSX remaping of keyboard shortcuts works well.

In "Microsoft Remote Desktop (MSRD)" it works well too but previous keystrokes still exist:

OSX > System Preferences > Keyboard > App Shortcuts > Add
Application: "Microsoft Remote Desktop"
Menu Title: "Close Connection"
Keyboard Shortcut: "Alt+Shift+W"

I can close with Alt+Shift+W and also with the default Cmd+W.

This is not OSX default behaviour so I think it is BUG.

Does anybody have a solution?

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I think it's a bug too.

As it has 2 versions of Close, both Close Connection & just Close [when there's no window open] I thought adding both those as key commands would do it - but no, Cmd ⌘ W still closes the connection.

enter image description here


It's likely a bug as I can confirm that this is working in MSRD beta version. https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/5e0c144289a51fca2d3bfa39ce7f2b06/

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