I found a question (and answers) about What exactly does kernel_task do?. What I want to know is how I can inspect what kernel_task is doing at any given moment in time?

Does it get logged so that I can inspect what is been doing for a while or can I even observe it at realtime?


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There are few places that information is available, but since kernel is a multitasking beast one has to look in multiple places:

  1. The simple one is the Console log "type kernel in the filter box", but not all activity is reported there since Kernel issues millions of instructions in a Milli-second.

  2. Also the Activity Monitor is a good source of information.

  3. You could use the ps -A > process.txt to see all running processes.

  4. You could use the sudo iosnoop to see all disk activity.

  5. You could use kextstat > ~/Desktop/kexts.txt to see all loaded drivers.

In other words, it is too busy for you to follow and a continuous output file would not make senses.

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