I injured a hand six weeks ago, and, being a programmer/sysadmin, I'm looking into ways to control a Terminal application using my voice (or, I suppose more broadly, not using my left hand).

I am getting a feel for the built-in Mac Dictation (in OS X 10.10), but have not found it to be fruitful with terminal, even when I created advanced commands (which didn't work for me in Terminal.app).

Has anyone had success using Mac dictation (or some other technology) for accessing the command line?

  • I am aware of Using Python To Code By Voice and http://voicecode.io/. Both look very interesting. If I knew it'd do the trick (and that my injury will take long enough to heal to warrant it), I'd come up with the money for Dragon Dictate and add-ons. [Is there anything like DragonFly that uses Mac Dictation?]
  • I have briefly tried some other Terminal apps -- MacTerm in particular looks promising.

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