I lost my phone on vacation and activated 'Lost Mode' for a couple of days. The night before heading home I decided to do the Remote Erase ┬┤cause I thought there's no way I'd get it back, I also called my carrier and canceled the data service on my number. The phone has been offline ever since but the hotel just called to say they found my phone at the spa and they are mailing it back to me. So I want to cancel the 'Pending Erase', all I care about is recovering all the pictures from that trip that I hadn't backed up on iCloud yet... Will removing the device from my iCloud account work? And if I don't have service on the phone, will the 'Erase iPhone' command still go through when I turn it on? Please help! I have two days to figure this out

  • As long as you don't turn your phone on, you have all the time in the world :-) – nohillside Apr 1 '15 at 14:45

You can't cancel this process. Removing the device from Find My iPhone won't help with this.

Make sure that the device has no signal and connect it to a computer which doesn't have iTunes to copy the photos over. Then connect the device to a network so that the erase process works, then you can restore from backup.

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