I recently bought a 13" retina MacBook Pro. I set it up with my Apple ID. I subsequently changed my Apple ID password on my iPhone. When I came back to log into the MacBook, it wouldn't let me with my new password. So I tired my old password which didn't work as well. I performed a factory restore on it and that seemed to work. But I then noticed that it deleted certain apps that where already installed on the computer such as iMovie. When I go to the Mac App Store to re-download them, they are shown as paid apps.

How do I download them again for free?

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    If you log in with your Apple ID on the App Store there's a Purchased section where you should be able to download iMovie, iPhoto and so on Commented Mar 30, 2015 at 15:42

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To obtain the paid apps that were included for free with your Mac, launch the Mac App Store and login with your Apple ID. Check under the Updates section and see if the apps appear there, with Accept appearing where the Update button normally would be (towards the right).

If you cannot access them that way, check your purchases by going to the Purchases section in the Mac App store. They must have already been linked to your Apple ID.

If both the above options fail, open a case with Apple Support. They can verify your ownership of the computer and can issue download codes and/or link the purchase to your Apple ID. That way, you will be able to retrieve them for free.

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