Using the built-in OS X calendar application. I've got events broken down by general, school, friends, concerts, etc.

How can I, for instance, see just my concert listings? I don't mean go to the menu bar and turn off all the other calendars, which in and of itself is an awful interface having to individually click on each button. I mean I want to open a separate window with a list showing the date, and event, in chronological order. So I can see what my concert itinerary is for the year. (Or any other event, just using concerts as an example.)

For bonus points -- is this doable in iOS with the built-in iOS calendar app?


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typing a "." into the search field and pressing enter will bring up a chronological list of events.

As far as sorting by calendar, I think the only way is to de-select the other calendars and then do the search.

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    Thank you. The "." in search -- while wildly unintuitive -- worked perfectly. Much appreciated! Mar 31, 2015 at 4:43

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