I was looking for an app that records audio during specific time.

For example: I want talk for 1 minute and this app should record just 1 minute. The audio recording should be stopped after this time automatically.


try this free app

Some of the features:Compare These Features:

  • One Touch Recording
  • One Touch Stop & File Saved
  • Super Small MP4 Recording File Sizes
  • Send Voice Emails Up to 5MB
  • Records for Seconds or Hours
  • Pause Record and Resume
  • Adjustable Recording Qualities
  • Flip Mode For Mic on Top Recording
  • Record Timer and Playback Counter
  • Double Tap for Quick Playbacks
  • Auto File Naming w/Optional Renaming
  • Finger Scroll Through Messages
  • Pause Play and Resume Modes
  • Drag Slider for Seek/RWND/FFWD
  • Audio Level VU Meter
  • Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps
  • Plays Thru Earpiece, Speaker, Ear Buds
  • Use Devices' Built-In or Add-On Mics
  • Ringtone Recording Feature
  • EZ Sync Recordings to Computer
  • Great Visual Voicemail Like Interface
  • Voice Reminder Notes
  • Send Voice Notes Through Apple's iMessages
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  • this function doesn't exist in the app =/ – leozera Apr 3 '15 at 0:55

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