I have an early 2013 15-inch retina Macbook Pro running the latest stable version of Yosemite on which I've encountered the fabled GPU hang-ups, detailed in this question. I'm almost certain I have the same issue as described; I see similar messages on the console, and it seems to only happen when I open an intensive app like photoshop, thus causing the computer to switch between graphics devices.

In the way of possible fixes, I understand that one can disable graphics switching, but that decreases battery life, which I'd like to avoid. However, I haven't seen the issue in a few weeks anyway, which makes me wonder if it hasn't been fixed. The app store doesn't show any major system updates in the past 30 days. Was there an update I didn't notice that fixed this issue?

  • If you are on 10.10.2 and it is still there, than it was not fixed. Waiting for 10.10.3 to see if it fixes it or get it to check.
    – Ruskes
    Mar 29 '15 at 21:21

Bring it into your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider and they can run a VST (AST Video System Test). That specific MBPr model is eligible for a repair program right now, so you'll get a free Logic Board replacement if it fails the VST test. Here is the Apple Support page with the information.

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