Is there a way to send Google Chrome Notifications (you know that annoying little bell in the menu bar) to the OS X Notification Center? Instead of receiving notifications in different positions and styles (native OS X Notifications, Growl, Chrome Notifications), I would like to see them in one place - the OS X Notification Center.

Is there an easy way to configure this, or a tool that can help with doing this?


I've found Hiss, which allows to send Growl messages to the OS X Notification Center, which is great, since it minimizes the number of notification styles.

In addition to the question above, is there a way to send Chrome Notifications to Growl? That might allow to use Hiss to finally route them to the OS X Notification Center.

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On Chrome 57 for the Mac, go to chrome://flags/ and find the Native Notifications settings, enable them and restart Chrome.

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