I just recently bought an iphone this year, and need to know if it has any led flash light for letting my know that it's charging?

I have iPhone 5c, and it's got this setting for light for call and message alerts. I'm trying to look for a similar setting for when it's in charging mode.

Please could someone provide any help regarding this?

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Sadly there is no led light for when it is charging it only vibrates/shows a picture of a battery

  • Ok. Thanks! I thought there might be some app allowing this feature, maybe it's not supported even via apps...?
    – mk117
    Commented Mar 25, 2015 at 10:06

Best you can do is to tap the Home button.

Green Battery level, top right, & briefly a charge percentage under the current time are your easiest indicators.

When you first plug it in a double-buzz or a 'mim' sound is your clue it recognised the charger & is now charging.


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