I'm on Yosemite, using vi mode in bash (set -o vi in .bash_profile) and I want to have the prompt indicate if I'm in edit or command mode. I looked around and found that this feature has been implemented in bash 4.3 (see https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/116385/46076) and can be turned on by setting the variable show-mode-in-prompt to on. I installed bash 4.3 using homebrew following these instructions. Now, when I execute bash --version I see GNU bash, version 4.3.33(1)-release (x86_64-apple-darwin14.1.0) and brew info readline returns readline: stable 6.3.8 (bottled) so it looks like I'm using the correct versions. However, when I execute set show-mode-in-prompt on or add it to ~/.inputrc based on the readline manual, the prompt still doesn't change based on the vi mode. What am I doing wrong?


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Looks like I didn't do anything wrong and an additional reboot is all that was needed.


In my situation, although bash --version shows 4.3.42(1)-release, echo $BASH_VERSION still showing 3.*, then I realize the default bash haven't been changed, please refer to this link: terminal - Update bash to version 4.0 on OSX - Ask Different


put bind 'set show-mode-in-prompt on' into bash_profile ;) don't thanks me.

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