I'm looking for a way to stream music from my iPhone to a stereo which doesn't support Bluetooth, but does support connecting a standard audio cable to it. For example, I can take a standard audio cable and connect my iPhone directly to this stereo. However, I'm looking for a solution that will free me of wires on the iPhone side.

If there was some kind of Bluetooth device which has a standard audio cable as its output and as its input it uses a Bluetooth profile that the iPhone supports for wireless audio listening, I guess that would work.

Is this even possible?

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  • ALso look at Airport Express – user151019 Mar 4 '16 at 18:17

The Sony Ericsson MBR-100 is a bluetooth adapter that should work.


I've been very pleased with my Belkin wall powered bluetooth receiver. It works well even with microwave oven and lots of other bluetooth in a house with chicken wire / plaster walls. (i.e. a disaster for 2.4 GHz radio)


I ended up getting the Sony DRC-BT30. It works really well and does exactly what I need it to do.

enter image description here

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