When I am using Chrome on my Mac (OSX Yosemite 10.10.2), it shows the handoff symbol on my iPhone. But when I open it, it hands off to Safari, not to Chrome on my iPhone (iOS 8.2).

How can I make Chrome on my Mac hand off to Chrome on my iPhone?

On another note, when I use Chrome on my iPhone, it successfully hands off to Chrome on my Mac.


Currently it is not possible to open automaticaly another browser than Safari because Apple does not allow to set a custom browser as default on iOS.

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It is probably due to the fact that you cannot change your default browser in iOS.

Found this work-around, from here:

Method 2 : For all iOS users

Opening links in Google Chrome for iOS by default is also possible using a simple trick developed by Jon Abram called the iOS “Open in chrome” bookmarket. It is a small javascript code that a user needs to save in Safari bookmarks, tapping on this saved bookmark will transfer link to Google Chrome. The code is below.



Copy the code above and bookmark this page in safari . Now open safari bookmarks, click edit and edit the just saved bookmark . Rename your Bookmark to anything like Open in chrome . Delete the URL in the bookmark and replace it with the above javascript code. Thats it! Now your links can be opened in Google Chrome, if you open a link from within an app or email, it opens in safari, then hit the above bookmark to open it in chrome browser . Any of the above methods can be used by a jailbroken user to set Google Chrome as default iOS browser while the regular users can

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