My current setup is Dropbox with a directory called /Docs, in which I have my emacs .org outline files.

If you don't know about Emacs and org-mode, these files are plain text, just formatted with ** and so on for headings, however the extension is .org

I have tried Elements, however it would not let me view notes with the extension of .org

So essentially, I want to sync up notes between org-mode and an app on my iPhone 4, without using MobileOrg (which doesn't really sync as such).

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You can use PlainText 2, it syncs with Dropbox (you can choose which folder to sync) and it let you choose which file extensions you want to sync.


Nebulous Lite (there's also a non-ad-supported version) is a text editor for any type of file in Dropbox. I frequently use it to edit plain text files. I just tested it to sync and edit text files with a .org extension and it worked.


The best comparison of text editors for iOS is the one started by Brett Terpstra found here :-


Unfortunately org-mode support is not one of the fields but the only one I've ever heard of is MobileOrg that you've mentioned.

You might find this blog post on using a combination of other software to implement an org-mode workflow useful.


His idea of using Drafts and Pythonista to do org-mode work is a good one.

My recommendation to you would be to have a good look at Editorial as it is a good editor with a Python interpreter and automation system behind it. You could probably hack together some good org-mode stuff in that. It is written by the same person that wrote Pythonista mentioned in the blog post above.

Personally I find myself using Drafts, Byword and Editorial for different purposes and all three have no problem with Dropbox.


Here's a nice iPhone Text Editors comparison by the great Michael Tsai (author of SpamSieve among others).

Comparing iPhone Text Editors, v4. I can't post any conclusion he makes here, because he doesn't make much, other than that he's still sticking with Notesy.


There is a very comprehensive review of IOS text editors with DropBox support here:


Reviews are quite detailed and describe the pros, cons and costs.

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