Since iTunes tries to steal my 'Play' button on my keyboard, I disabled it a few months ago. I now wish to buy a movie from the iTunes Store, which means I have to re-enable iTunes.

Problem is: I can't remember what I did to disable it. Currently, after disabling it, starting iTunes shows the icon bouncing but then doesn't launch any windows. Reinstalling iTunes doesn't help. On the command line, I get the following output:

open /Applications/iTunes.app 
2015-03-14 21:03:43.082 open[67755:13439350] Metadata.framework [Error]: void _MDItemMarkAsUsedForPath(CFStringRef): was called with a NULL path 

How can I make iTunes start again?


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Figured this one out myself:

  • Re-disabled iTunes via Play Button ITunes Patch
  • This (while still stopping iTunes from eating the play button) now makes iTunes launch normally again.

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