I want to play flash games with iPad 2, so someone told me iSwifter can help.

I want to know whether iSwifter can only run with internet connection. If it needs connection, is there any other application the can play flash games without internet?

  • Pretty much out-of-luck on this one. iSwifter requires internet access to work. – Kerri Shotts Jul 18 '11 at 18:57

There is no application that can play flash games without the internet. That is a pretty good idea, though.


Yeah, there is no app can play flash games without the internet.

I only found some cool flash player for iPad in aneesoft blog to play flash videos.


No its not possible to play flash games without being connected to the Internet, it's like using a phone without a battery. My suggestion for you is play flash games online directly from your browser.

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