Wikipedia says it doesn't.

However, iCloud it self say it does

Your photos and videos are using 1.1 GB

If you want to stop using iCloud Photos

Wikipedia said:

While Photo Stream uses the iCloud servers, usage does not come out of the user's iCloud storage allowance

Okay looks like there need to be some form of explanation


Yes - this aspect could potentially be a little confusing. There is a difference between iCloud Photo Library and PhotoStream and backed up photos and videos.


  • Does not count towards your iCloud storage limit.
  • Contains up to 1000 pictures (and only pictures).
  • Also, shared photo streams (now called Shared iCloud Photos) do not count towards your limit.
  • PhotoStream has been around for awhile and is quite automatic. It uploads just photos and allows you to view those photos on your iPad or computer.

iCloud Photo Library

  • Counts towards your iCloud storage limit.
  • Is in beta (as of March 2015)
  • Must be manually enabled (and can sort of be disabled in Settings -> Photos & Camera -> iCloud Photo Library (Beta)).
  • Uploads your entire photo and video library from your phone.
  • Has some fancy-ness built in like optimizing your iOS device's storage.
  • Can be viewed on your iPad, iPhone, computer, and iCloud.com
  • Is terrible at this point (IMO, March 2015)

Backed Up Photos

  • Are managed in Settings -> iCloud -> Storage -> Manage Storage
  • Typically they will then be under [Your iPhone Name]'s iPhone -> Photo Library, but if Photo Library is enabled you will see information on iCloud Photo Library.

More general information.

  • This will, of course, continue to confuse the heck out of everybody for at least another year, if not beyond ;) Right now, I'd say, if it's not on your computer [& backed up regularly] it's not as safe as you thought it was. – Tetsujin Mar 10 '15 at 18:59

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