I updated GIMP from MacUpdates since then I got two Gimp icons in Launchpad. I also deleted the Gimp.app from finder but now i get this question mark on the gimp icon in Launchpad. How to completely remove both of these icons?

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[Worked] In Yosemite open Launchpad, hold down control key and click on icon you wish to remove. A question mark should appear over the icon. Just drag and drop to Trash.


Worked exactly as indicated above. Hold control and click the offending icon and it will appear with a ? over it, drag it to the trash bin and it's gone. Works Even with problem icons that do not show up in finder, had ostensibly been deleted by appcleaner and did not show an X when jiggling mode entered.

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If the unwanted icons stuck in Mac Launchpad come from an app installed and uninstalled on a "Windows" virtual machine, one way to remove them is to click Finder on the Mac screen, and then select Macintosh HD > Applications folder, and then trash the files with those unwanted icons.

defaults write com.apple.dock ResetLaunchPad -bool true && killall Dock

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