Every time I view an image using Preview, it gets stored, and when I open preview again, everything is there, like this- enter image description here

How can I clear that? Thanks

(for reference- I use Yosemite on a MacBook Pro)

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    Please clarify what you are trying to do. Your question references clearing the items listed as recently opened, while the title of your question references not reopening windows which were open when a program was last closed. – tubedogg Mar 6 '15 at 6:51

Firstly, to prevent it happening again, remember to close a document before you Quit, otherwise it will reopen on launch.

To clear the existing list, With both apps quit, go to ~/Library/Saved Application State/

& delete the two saved state folders, com.apple.Preview.savedState & the same for OpenOffice [I don't have the app so not certain of the name.]


Quick way to get there, if you're not sure…

  • From Finder, hit Cmd ⌘ N for New Window
  • Hit Cmd ⌘ Shift ⇧ G for Go…
  • Paste ~/Library/Saved Application State/ including the tilde ~

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