I am trying to make a presentation, and am facing a problem. I am facing picture compression issues . In addition to this saving problem, that pictures become worse quality every time I save the file, I am experiencing problems while trying to insert files. All pictures are inserted blurry. This applies for emf, png and, pdf.

I cannot find these advanced settings from Powerpoint for Mac 2011. How can I import/insert pictures to Powerpoint in their original quality? How can I control the picture compression?

I am using a Yosemite 10.10.2 version. Please help..!

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Insert the image> Highlight it> Format picture tab> Compress> Picture quality> Select the desired option. You'll likely want to choose Picture Quality: "Keep current resolution" and Apply to: "All pictures in this file" You'll need to do this once for each new file you create, since it's a per-file setting, not a PowerPoint-wide setting.


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