On many occasion thinking that my Mac was disconnected from any form of network (with or without wire), I discovered that in fact it was confortably chating at full speed with the rest of the world through a forgotten connection. Typically:

tcpdump -i en1

displayed a high speed movie about domain, bootpc, http, netbios, https, 5223 (unassigned)… trafics.

For the wireless side, there is a nice function to be aware that a Mac is connected or not: the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar.

But for infrared, Bluetooth, Ethernet, MacOS X seems to miss the same usefull and simple function.

Is there a trustable software or method to be sure that a Mac if fully disconnected from any form of network?

I would be mostly interested by something as small and as visual as the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar.


This software should accomplish what you're looking for: "Ethernet Status" There might be free alternatives, this is the first one I came across.

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