I have a .zip file which has been embedded in a .xlsx file (excel ). But everytime I double click on the file it keeps giving this message:

Cannot start source application for this object. There may not be enough space in memory.

How can I open the .zip file? I have downloaded the unarchiver and also OpenXMLConvertor.But I dont know how to use them to extract the file.

I have Microsoft Excel 2011 (Version 14.0.0) and MAC OS X mountain lion, 64 bit , macbook air (2013). Kindly help

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The thing is - all Microsoft Office documents are ZIP files containing XML files. I would try this:

  • copy the XLSX to another location
  • Rename the copy by addin ".zip" to it (ignore the warnings)
  • unzip the copy with your favourite tool (Unarchiver or terminal "unzip ")
  • look through the folder structure and find your zip file.
  • Hi I did as you said. Within the folder structure I got an embeddings folder , opened that and unzipped the file. But now I have a compObj and native file. What should I do now?How do I make it readable?? :( Mar 3, 2015 at 15:58
  • I have Office 365 mac 2011 edition and I didn't find any possibility to add a ZIP file as an embedded object to replay your problem. :-( Sorry for that. So my help is a deadend. :-( Mar 6, 2015 at 15:58
  • I had similar issue and I was able to fix it with you answer. On my mac - I changed the extension of the excel document with .cpgz, then unzipped it and all my pdf were in the embeddings folder. (and to open them I had to change the extension as well to pdf) Apr 27, 2018 at 6:46

I followed the answer from VISHAL DAGA above, with some minor variations.

  1. Change the .xlsx to .zip
  2. In terminal, run unzip {{file}}
  3. In the resulting folder, change your directory to xl/embeddings
  4. In that folder, there should be .bin files. Run unzip {{ file }}.bin
  5. Profit! The file should now be accessible in its proper, unzipped form.

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