I've recently purchased a second hand iPhone 5. They demonstrated the phone making calls before I purchased it.

Unfortunately the phone isn't being recognised by iTunes, and is also very frequently showing me the message "No service". I did however very briefly have service earlier today, enough to send and receive a couple of SMS's.

The things I have tried are:

  • Restarting laptop,
  • Trying another laptop,
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes (on both laptops),
  • "Reset Network Settings,
  • Rebooting phone,
  • Airplane mode on / off,
  • 4G on / off,
  • Updating all software,
  • Trying to turn off automatic carrier selection, but I get the message "Unable to load network list",
  • "Reset All Settings",
  • Trying many mixes of restarting with cables in and out and every different USB port available to me,
  • Offering my lunch to the gods.

The software involved is:

  • iTunes 12.1.50
  • iOS 8.1.2
  • OS X 10.10.2

I've also checked and the phone is definitely unlocked, and marked as last activated yesterday when I first tried to use it.

I would be greatly appreciative of any further suggestions.


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