I'm not overly happy with the UI for interfacing with the scanner on my Epson WF-3250 series scanner that's provided by the latest Preview that comes with OS X 10.10. It's clunky and awkward, crashes often. You have to reselect your options every time you use.

It's just, honestly, not very Apple-like.

Is there reliable third party scanning software that I could use in place of Preview for obtaining PDF scans of multi-page documents on the Epson's auto-feeder?

Edit: With OS X 10.9, Epson stopped shipping its own scanner utility. The ship a driver and instructions to use Preview for acquiring images on OS X.


You may also want to look into the excellent VueScan. I haven't had a need for it in several years but back in the day it was really one of the best there is. Looks like it is still updated regularly.

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PDFScanner from the app store is awesome. Very fast. Simple. Achieves small file sizes.

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You might try Paperless. It retains the options across scans, and can do multi-page etc.

(And, relevant to the ADF):

  • Paperless will display the Image Capture dialog.
  • If the ADF is supported by Image Capture, the dialog will display Feeder as an option to acquire with.
  • Choosing Scan will cause all pages in the ADF to be scanned.
  • All scan jobs (multipage documents) scanned before choosing Done will be imported into Paperless as separate multipage documents.


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