I want to use BibTeX with Apple Pages for creating references to my .bib bibliography and also insert the bibliography into a Pages document. I would like to use .bst style sheets to format the bibliography.

I'm currently working with BibDesk but could change to JabRef.


Depending on your current Pages version, download CiteInPages from here...


I was able to get this to work in Pages 5.5 using CiteInPages5. It works with BibDesk. It takes a bit to install and configure it, but its a great little package. Apple really should change the name of the Pages app though. Its way too difficult to google any support for it.

EDIT: Hopefully you see this because I don't have the reputation to comment. But I guess I misunderstood your question. Its been a while since I've used CiteInPages, but I was able to get the formatting I wanted by creating a custom template. I was able to do this with some guidance from the BibDesk community mailing list. Here's a rudimentary template for the CSE style that I created.

<$authors><$lastName/> <$firstNames><$firstLetter/></$firstNames><?$authors>, </$authors>. <$fields.Year/>. <$fields.Title.stringByRemovingCurlyBraces.stringByAppendingFullStopAndSpaceIfNotEmpty/><$fields.Journal.stringByRemovingTeX/>. <$fields.Volume?><$fields.Volume/><$fields.Number.parenthesizedStringIfNotEmpty/>:</$fields.Volume?><$fields.Pages.stringByConvertingDoubleHyphenToEndash/>. http://dx.doi.org/<$fields.Doi/>
<$authors><$lastName/> <$firstNames><$firstLetter/></$firstNames><?$authors>, </$authors>. <$fields.Year/>. <$fields.Title.stringByRemovingCurlyBraces.stringByAppendingFullStopAndSpaceIfNotEmpty/><$fields.Edition.stringByRemovingTeX/> Edition. <$fields.Address.stringByRemovingTeX/>: <$fields.Publisher.stringByRemovingTeX/>. http://dx.doi.org/<$fields.Doi/>
<$authors><$lastName/> <$firstNames><$firstLetter/></$firstNames><?$authors>, </$authors>. <$fields.Year/>. <$fields.Title.stringByRemovingCurlyBraces.stringByAppendingFullStopAndSpaceIfNotEmpty/>In: <$authors><$lastName/> <$firstNames><$firstLetter/></$firstNames><?$authors>, </$authors>, editors. <$fields.Booktitle.stringByRemovingCurlyBraces.stringByAppendingFullStopAndSpaceIfNotEmpty/><$fields.Edition.stringByRemovingTeX.stringByAppendingFullStopAndSpaceIfNotEmpty/>ed. <$fields.Address.stringByRemovingTeX/>: <$fields.Publisher.stringByRemovingTeX/>. p. <$fields.Pages.stringByConvertingDoubleHyphenToEndash/>. http://dx.doi.org/<$fields.Doi/>

  • I have CiteInPages installed. But it only seems to accept custom layout files and not .bst style sheets. All I can do is use a .bst file to generate a preview in BibDesk. I don't know how to get the format into Pages. – jjack Mar 2 '15 at 17:31

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