I get the following message when I try to open mail

'You can't use this version of Mail with this version of Mac OS x You have Mail version 4.5 (1084/1085). It can't be used on Mac OS X version 10.6.8 )build 10k549)'

I have read the help info

I have made sure Mail.app is in the application folder

Thanks for any help with this


Since you state Mail.app is already in the Applications folder, follow these additional steps:

  1. Download Safari 5.1.7 for Snow Leopard
  2. Reinstall the Mac OS X Update v10.6.8 Combo v1.1
  3. Reinstall Safari 5.1.7 for Snow Leopard
  4. Reinstall Security Update 2012-004
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This means Mail, for some reason or another, did not upgrade. Try extracting it from the Installer package or copy it from another computer with the same Mac OS X version (not reccomended, as permissions can change.)

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Somehow, you made a copy of the old Mail.app and it is starting instead of the version in the Applications folder. Control-click on the Mail icon in the dock, then select Options and Show in Finder. This will show you the old version that is no longer supported.

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