Is there some way by which a ping command or somewhat similar can be run on iPad ?

I am trying to do this as my wifi connection dies out if there is idle time even for a few mins though it works with continuous ping on desktop browsers.

So i want to simulate the same ping thing on iPad..


Ouch - do realize that you will be working against two factors.

  1. If the ping app is in the foreground - it's a easy project.
  2. For it to run in the background (where it will do you any good) it has to play by the background task API - all of which are designed to prevent the usage of the CPU and preventing the WiFi from dropping. Even if it worked a while, it would be a bug and likely to break every time Apple updates it's OS.

Your battery life will be horrible - but that's your call since your network interruption might be more pain than a ten hour runtime. I have a solution that will work out of the box.

Get yourself a mapping app like Runmeter. It can be configured to upload a map to the internet every 5 minutes. It can also monitor a twitter stream, so you could set up a bot account to push updates more rapidly if the mapping alone didn't keep your iPad from detecting the WiFi as idle.

  • Is there a free app which does something similar? – hmthr Jul 13 '11 at 17:18
  • I picked the one I knew would work - had I known of a free one, I would have featured it instead of a paid app. Perhaps you might edit your question - ping is how you solved your real issue on another platform - it seems you just want to prevent WiFi from dropping no matter what the mechanism. Also, the question is young - perhaps you picked the best words and it's just a matter of time till some better answers arrive. – bmike Jul 13 '11 at 17:27

I just tried Network Ping Lite which worked well:


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