My cousin wanted to buy something from the app store. I let her use my account to do so. It asked us to answer security questions but I couldn't remember them. So I tried to reset it but the link to reset my questions ended in .cim instead of .com. So I couldn't send a link to reset them. What should I do?

  • it only asks to answer security questions if you try to log in not from your device. So try to log in from your device and fix the email. – Ruskes Feb 21 '15 at 18:36

Apple has support personnel to help with Apple ID and purchase issues.

You can use the "if you don't have a rescue email address" link to get in touch with a human. You may want to search for the answers and/or see if you have another old email address as the rescue address in addition to the one with a typo. Also, if you can document what purchases you have made in the past that sometimes helps establish your identity when calling or emailing in to support.

They will have a script to see if they can help you based on your particular account and how you set it up.

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