Once I press some key,OS X shows partition get info in fullscreen in big icon in black background,I don't know how to do it again.


http://osxdaily.com/2012/09/06/8-tricks-mac-os-x-full-screen-slideshow/ Select a picture or group of images from the desktop, then use the following:

Option+Spacebar to launch image(s) into the full-screen slideshow mode Spacebar to pause/play the image slideshow Left Arrow to go back, Right Arrow to go forward Gesture with two-fingers left to go forward, two-finger gesture right to go back Option to view smaller images at actual size Click “Index Sheet” to view thumbnails of all images in the slideshow Click “Add to iPhoto” to import the image into iPhoto Hold Control key and use a two-fingered back or forward swipe in to zoom into the photo Escape to exit

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