I am a freelance writer and I frequently use Pages to draft my articles. I appreciate having the word count on the bottom of the document because I am often paid by the word. Periodically, I'll see how many words I've written, break out my calculator, and see how much money I've made for a bit of motivation.

However, I think it'd be really nice to have a little box next to word count that said how much money I've made so far. The function would get the current word count, I would pass it the constant of 'rate of pay per word,' and it would calculate how much I've made as I type.

I want to set the rate of pay per word in a drop-down or something and have the "money made" display next to the word count box.

I have some programming experience but I've never used Applescript or Automator. Can someone get me started with this? Thanks!

  • Updated my answer so we can get the object to move down the page of it's own accord.
    – markhunte
    Feb 20, 2015 at 12:18

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Update: I originally had this using a Table. But have now changed it to a Text Object.

Here is you start then.

Save this Applescript as a Stay Open Application.

on idle
    tell application "Pages"
        set ActualCount to count words of body text of document 1

        set calculation to ActualCount * 0.02

        set object text of text item 1 of document 1 to (ActualCount & " words  = £" & calculation as string)

    end tell
    return 5 -- runs every n# seconds

end idle

enter image description here

Now in your document add a Text Object.

enter image description here

In the Text Object Arrange tab in the Format inspector.

Set the Object Placement to Move with text.

And *Text Wrap to Above and Below

This will save the need to manually move the Text Object down the document as you go.

enter image description here

Now run the App. Start typing.

The one thing you will notice is that the real word count sees the word in the table. 329 That is why I have included the word count in the text objects results. 326 words = £6.5

enter image description here

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