I need to invert the behaviour of 2 key in my keyboard ("<" is inverted with "\").

I can do this easily with "Karabiner", but for me is a solution without an explanation.

I'm linux user and usually a do this directly from "terminal".

So, if Karabiner can do the trick, I suppose that I can do it too!

How can I modify a layout "programmatically" from terminal? Where layout configuration are stored?

  • It's, unfortunately, not that simple. Karabiner is a kernel extension which actually takes your input and modifies it before it is passed to processes. – 0942v8653 Feb 18 '15 at 13:50

I'm not sure if I got you write. I have the problem, that I want some characters on specific keys on my keyboard. I use Spark to redefine this, this works for Terminal and GUI.


I also tried to redefine key under MAC, but this seems to be not so easy. So if you do not want to run an extra program, I cannot recommend you a solution.

  • I don't want use any program/plugin.. – Luca Davanzo Feb 18 '15 at 13:23

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