I just want to burn some music for my Mom to a CD-R. I've done this multiple times. If I check MP3 CD box, I receive message stating all music is not MP3, and it won't allow. If I check other option, Data CD or DVD, it copies but if I insert into CD player, message is, " No Audio."

This can't be this hard.

Any help is appreciated.

I have OS 10.7.5



If you go to View Options and selected Kind, you'll be able to see which of the tracks isn't an MP3. You can then convert it/them to MP3 and replace the originals in your playlist with the new ones.


Does your Mom have an MP3 CD capable player? How many tracks are you trying to burn to the CD? If you burn it as a standard audio CD, it will hold a little over an hour of music. If you burn it as an MP3 CD, it will burn as many MP3 files as can fit on a 650 MB CD-R. When you say you check other option to burn it as a Data CD, and you insert into a non-MP3 capable CD player, you would get a message that there is nothing to play. Otherwise, the way I would do it is this: Insert a blank CD-R then drag the MP3 files directly onto the disc using Finder. You wouldn't even need to use iTunes.

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