PopClip is a Mac app that adds the iOS functionality of a bunch of options showing up above selected text. PopClip automatically appears every time I select text, and that's annoying, so I want to trigger it from the keyboard instead. I'm trying to set up Launchbar to launch an Applescript to cause PopClip to appear next to selected text.

The Applescript I'm using is tell application "PopClip" to appear. However, when I press ↩ with the text selected in Mail and "Show Pop Clip.scpt" selected in Launchbar, nothing happens. And when I press ⇥ as Obdev (the Launchbar developer) recommends here, I don't see an option to "Run" as they suggest.

How can I use Launchbar to make Popclip appear?

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With Launchbar you can run scripts in the background by pressing Option+Return, rather than just Return. This works for me, whereas Return by itself did not.

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