Is there anyway to force/change/reset the profile image that shows up for an Artist in iTunes?

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If you've added custom artwork to an Artist, it will replace the individual Album Artwork that iTunes had previously set.

To clear it, you need to clear each affected album - which can be done as a bulk selection, using shift/click to select all its tracks [but doesn't work if you select more than one Album]

  • Cmd/I to Get Info
  • Artwork Tab
  • Select the Custom picture
  • Delete or Backspace
  • OK
  • File Menu > Library > Get Album Artwork
    You can do the last step once only, after resetting all the tracks you need to clear the Custom picture from.

No, when there are artist photos, they are downloaded from the iTunes Store. You can't change them.

  • Well, they do seem to change as I add albums to iTunes, I can't quite figure it out but it seems that the latest album I add becomes the cover art for the "artist". Feb 20, 2015 at 13:52

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