How do I move a Share Point under Mac OS X 10.8 so that it points to a folder on a different volume?

I have currently have 8 Share Points located on an old external RAID. I am upgrading to a new RAID. I have copied my files over to the new RAID. Now I need to tell Mac OS X Server that the Share Points should use folders found on the new RAID. I don't see any way of re-targeting the Share Points.

I seem to remember that older versions of OS X Server, allowed you to so re-target the Share Point to a different folder. Clients would be disconnected and have to reconnect to the server, but would not notice any change.

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Its still possible, see OS X Server: Changing the service data storage location :

In OS X Server (Mountain Lion) and Lion Server v10.7.2 or later, you can store service data in a location other than your startup volume.

To change the service data storage volume:

  • Open Server app, and connect to the desired server.
  • Select the name of the server in the column on the left under the heading Server (on OS X Mountain Lion) or Hardware (on OS X Lion).
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Click the Edit… button on the "Service Data" line.
  • Select a volume.

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