I am a junior-level developer beginning to work on a project that requires me to use Apache 7.0.x, and I'm running Yosemite with a Windows 7 VM. When I did some research on how to get Apache, I discovered that Mac comes with Apache pre-installed. However, it seems that the version is 2.4. Since Apache runs on JRE, it seems to me that I should be able to have Apache 7 so long as I have Java 7, but the version numbers are throwing me off.

Why is the versioning so far off, and what do I need to do to be able to run apache 7 on my Mac? Developing on my Windows VM is an option, but I prefer to keep everything on the Mac side.

EDIT: It seems that I misunderstood: what I need is Apache Tomcat (Wikipedia), which I now embarrassedly know is something different than the Apache HTTP Server ‘httpd’ (Wikipedia). If I have further issues I'll update accordingly.

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  • Can you link to Apache 7 The Apache home page gives 2.4 as the latest. Apace is written in C not Java. I would go to your supervisor and ask for more information as you seem to have totally misunderstood – Mark Feb 11 '15 at 16:28

The best option for you will be install package manager HomeBrew and then run in the terminal:

brew install tomcat

I prayed to google and it told me that you can install Tomcat 7 under Mountain Lion and Mavericks, but apparently Java does not come with Yosemite.

The answer to my prayers was found at Installing Tomcat 7.0.x on OS X

You can also find more answers with Installing Tomcat 8 on OS X 10.10 Yosemite

[And I am already flagellating myself over a link only answer]


After clearing up my misunderstanding (I needed Apache Tomcat 7, not Apache 7 (which doesn't even exist)), I was able to install Tomcat easily by following this walkthrough.

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