I had a Apple developer program account. I was the company owner, and I had a user account. I lost control of it a couple of years back, when Apple got broken into and suffered one of their data breaches. I lost control because of all the password resets, new challenge questions, and tools like Xcode logging in with old credentials.

The company is out of business and I abandoned the account due to all the problems caused by Apple corporate. However, when I log in with my email address, its still attached to the non-existent company under the abandoned account. I'd like to contact Apple support and have my email address separated or disgorged from the company and the abandoned account.

Trying to find a support contact is a labyrinth of rabbit wholes that lead nowhere. I visit the website (both Apple and the Developer), go to Support, try a Contact Us link, follow it for a while, and then I realize I've been punk'd because there is no way to contact them following the path I went down. For example, I start at Apple's How To Contact Us traverse through Manage your Apple ID and it ends in a dead end.

Question: How do I contact Apple support to have the email address separated from the non-existent company and abandoned developer account?


My apologies for asking this question. One would think this would be a relatively easy endeavor, but its not. I'm fairly certain Apple is actively trying to keep folks from contacting them.

I challenge anyone to start at Apple's How To Contact Us, and traverse through Manage your Apple ID, and actually end in a way to really contact Apple by email (preferred). The case of Heinekens is on me for the first winner. I will ship it anywhere in the world. You just have to agree that I can use your name so others know I was good to my word.

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    People have been asking in vain for Apple's email addresses for at least 15 years. The only area I know where they have responded is for ebook publishers: ibooks_applicationsupport@apple.com – Tom Gewecke Feb 10 '15 at 20:48
  • @jww Silly question. I know it's quaint, but have you tried calling a support phone number or the developer support phone number? – ghoppe Feb 10 '15 at 21:15
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    You're clicking on the wrong link. "Manage" is for self-service. The fourth link in that same list is a contact form for sign-in issues. This would presumably include removing an email address from an account. developer.apple.com/contact/appleid.php – tubedogg Feb 10 '15 at 21:25
  • @ tubedogg - thanks. That got my initial contact in, and I now have an email address. If you contact me at noloader, gmail account, I'll get you some money for a case of Heinekens. Do you have a PayPal account? – user83961 Feb 13 '15 at 23:06

How do I contact Apple support to have the email address separated from the non-existent company and abandoned developer account?


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