And I don't mean like StatusDock, which will move it to the menu bar but also keeps it in the dock. I'd prefer it to just be gone from the Dock. Any way you can do this?

  • why not StatusDuck with hide dock?
    – Ruskes
    Feb 10, 2015 at 17:50

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Removing the Dock Icon

There is a way to remove the icon from the dock; the only problem is that you also lose the menu for the application, which is a slight drawback depending on the purpose of the application itself.

I, personally have never tried StatusDuck, perhaps when combined with the removal of the dock icon, it could be exactly what you're looking for.

As far as removing the dock icon itself, here's the process.

  1. Find the application in the Applications folder ( + click Dock Icon)
  2. Right-click application
  3. Click Show Package Contents
  4. Edit the Info.plist inside the Contents folder
  5. Modify/Add the LSUIElement key so that the value says YES

Note: LSUIElement may change to Application is agent (UIElement)

If you would like the application to show the dock icon again, modify the value to NO and save the .plist file.


It is worthy to mention that using an application like StatusDuck could help you access the application as a status item. You will just have to test it out.

StatusDuck: http://www.statusduck.com

  • I tried to do this but now whenever I try to open the application it just errors out. Not sure why adding the Application is agent (UIElement) to true would do that.
    – JoshEmory
    Feb 13, 2015 at 18:19

If you are wanting a way to change a Dock based app to a Menu Bar app, you are out of luck. But if you are looking for an alternative way to deal with apps focused on the Menu Bar there maybe a solution.

Take a look at XMenu (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

XMenu acts as a launcher for apps, folders, documents, etc. It will allow you to recreate something like the Apple Menu of the Classic Mac OS.

You may know the following, but worth restating:

  • Non-running apps in the Dock can be removed by dragging the icon out of the Dock until a "Remove" popup appears over the icon. (This is the current behavior in Mac OS X 10.10)
  • The Dock preferences allow you to hide the Dock so that it is mostly out of the way.
  • Many utility type apps have a preference setting to change them from running in the Dock to the Menu Bar
  • Thanks for commenting. I do know that I can remove unopened apps from the dock. However, I like to keep my dock minimal, especially during work hours. Just things like me IDE, chats, email, notes, etc. However, certain apps like my money management app or my weather app (which stupidly only comes in dock form) are nice to have open and available without cluttering my dock. They'd be much more useful in the menu bar. That's what I'm trying to achieve.
    – JoshEmory
    Feb 13, 2015 at 18:20

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