I've been using my Mac to access my organizational Exchange account for years. I'm presently running Yosemite (10.10.2). Recently, my Exchange account started acting bizarrely in a number of ways: (1) Mail will sporadically quit updating e-mail, requiring me to rebuild the inbox to get it to download mail again, (2) Calendar no longer seems to allow me to accept event invitations (although it shows them coming in). (The calendar issue is especially problematic, but I mention the other in case it is related.) When I do try to accept a calendar invitation, it says it is unable to save it to the server and offers me the option to "Ignore", "Revert" or "Try Again." None of those actually get me out of an error loop.

I looked in the Console log and here is the error:

2/9/15 10:57:53.723 AM CalendarAgent[228]: [com.apple.calendar.store.log.exchange] [Exchange error Calendar can’t accept the event “Campus Outreach Role” on the Exchange server. There was an error attempting to send your changes to the exchange server. (Error Domain=EWSExchangeWebServicesErrorDomain Code=94 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (EWSExchangeWebServicesErrorDomain error 94.)" UserInfo=0x7f86fcb12830 {EWSErrorMessage=An internal server error occurred. The operation failed., NSUnderlyingError=0x7f86fcbba6e0 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (SOAPWebServicesErrorDomain error -1000.)"})]

Do you have any suggestions on what I might try to resolve this? I attempted to delete the account in the Internet Accounts pane, but the problem remained once I set it back up. The issue started occurring on both of my Macs at the same time last week, so I'm wondering if it has to do with an upgrade to the Exchange server, although I've not been able to find out from IT anything about that yet.

  • I talked to Apple support the other day and have been testing accessing the same Exchange account on a completely new OS X user account. That seems to work fine. I can't imagine why the issue occurred on two separate computers, but I'm glad it isn't happening on a new account. Does anyone know how to completely delete an Exchange account (or maybe all of Calendar's settings) to achieve the same without moving to a new user account? I thought I'd wiped every trace of the Exchange account from my user account earlier in the debugging process, but apparently I had not. – Timothy R. Butler Feb 20 '15 at 2:44

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