I have a Dell monitor connected through a thunderbolt port.

Sometimes my Mac for some reason is attempting to play audio through that port. How do I stop this from happening?

It appears in my list of sound outputs in system preferences but I have headphones selected. Unplugging the monitor from the thunderbolt port makes the audio work correctly.

  • It thinks you have a Video+Audio device (like TV) plugged in :) do you ? what does it say for what is plugged in? – Ruskes Feb 9 '15 at 17:32
  • 1
    I found the issue. I was using GarageBand and it has it's own setting for audio out separate from System Preferences. – Berry Blue Feb 12 '15 at 3:33
  • nice job, make it a answer ! – Ruskes Feb 12 '15 at 4:04

Same thing happened to me. You have to manually change it in System Preferences > Sound > Output Volume.


Alt-click the audio item in the menu bar and select the proper source.

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