I don't have "auto hide" enable for dock. In all previous version dock, it will hide if I enter in full screen mode for VLC player or for chrome. Now that's no longer the case.

If I enable "auto hide", then it hides it but that's not what I am looking for as I like to see dock all the time except full screen mode.

  • Does the dock not hide for just some of your apps or all of them. I dod not have VLC on this Mac but all my app including Chrome hide the dock when in FS. – markhunte Feb 8 '15 at 0:45
  • None of the app. Even for chrome it doesn't hide. – nir Feb 9 '15 at 19:25
  • Same thing happens for me as well, it's irritating, and usually it's when I can't restart because I'm in a webex or goto meeting or doing something for work that needs to be done. – Sephethus Mar 21 '17 at 14:10

Open Terminal and type:

killall Dock

This will restart the process.

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  • When I do it it says: -bash: $: command not found – Jeffrey Shwe Jun 1 '18 at 8:20
  • 2
    @JeffreyShwe Don't type the $, that's just the prompt. – nohillside Jun 1 '18 at 9:07

When facing this kind of problem (it occurs for me especially when I'm playing), I usually Cmd + Tab to switch to another application, then switch back to my full-screened one through the same command. It does the trick and makes the Dock disappear.

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