I have installed Yosemite OS on my Mac and I encounter the following problem. Whenever I clear Safari history, then I always have to login to iTunes if I want to use the online services (e.g. internet music or online radio).

Is this a bug or that's the way it works?

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If you use History > Clear History and Website Data, which is the only obvious option to clear history at least in Safari 8, then this is its intended behaviour.

However, if you wish to remove your history but leave intact other data such as login cookies, you can do this by selecting History > Show History. Single-click on one of the entries to highlight it, and then click Edit > Select All. This will highlight all of your history. Click Edit > Delete to clear them all out (it might take a few seconds).


That is sadly the way it works.


Same behavior here. I believe that is how it works. To correct your question: clearing history won't affect that, only after clearing all cookies and data.

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