I run the latest versions of OS X and iOS. Is there a way to mass-delete all completed reminders in both iOS and OS X? I’ve looked but can't seem to find a way so far.


In OSX, go to Completed in Reminders, Click on the first one in the list, shift click on the last one, go to Edit menu and then Delete.

  • You can find completed reminders on macOS by scrolling up when viewing a reminders list. – Michael Thompson Sep 15 '17 at 2:25

As of iOS 10.3.2, there is no way to do mass-delete reminders on iOS.

It is possible on macOS:

  • Using the Reminders app in macOS Sierra, open the Scheduled list. Scroll up to reveal the Show button in the upper-right. Click that, then click the first completed reminder. Next, ⇧ shift-click the last one. Go through your lists to delete completed reminders that had no due date.
  • Using any desktop or laptop browser, you can visit the iCloud web app and do the same. The only difference is the Scheduled list on the website does not allow you to mass-delete completed reminders.
  • You can mass-delete reminders via AppleScript, using Script Editor.

The following script will delete all your completed reminders at once:

tell application "Reminders" to delete (reminders whose completed is true)

You could tweak this to delete only reminders that you completed some time ago:

set sixMonthsAgo to (current date) - 26 * weeks
tell application "Reminders" to delete (reminders whose completion date is less than sixMonthsAgo)

Save that script as an application and drop it in your ~/Applications folder. Then you can delete your completed reminders with a simple click from LaunchPad, or even from the Dock.

If you wanted to get fancy you could then schedule a LaunchAgent to execute this script every night, then forget about it. With the usual caveat about running a program that deletes stuff automatically.


You can set it up in your Automator.


You can be selective what is to be deleted by using find or filter action first.

Try it out.

  • Thank you for that. Is there any way to remove completed reminders from iOS too? – user18u329 Feb 12 '15 at 0:34
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As far as I know you cannot do it in iOS 10.3 or in OS X 10.12, BUT... you can do it on icloud.com. Simply click on "completed reminders" to expand the list of completed reminders (translated from French icloud). You can then click "delete all completed reminders".

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